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HES: Spring '24 Research Project

Resources curated to support the Honors Environmental Science Spring 2024 research project. For questions or help accessing these resources please email Ms. Sinai

Need a refresher on the content we covered in class? View the slides presentation for helpful search tips and reminders.

Exploring Secondary Sources

The following sources offer credible, secondary coverage of topics in various scientific disciplines. If you find a useful article, check to see if there are links to primary literature. Make a list of key terms and ideas as you read.

To begin, explore the prior student projects for inspiration regarding global environmental science topics you can apply to campus. 

Resources for Primary Sources

The following databases and academic search engines contain full-text access to hundreds of thousands of research studies, literature reviews, and reports. If you find a citation but are unsure if you can access the whole article, use the e-journals portal to search for the name of the journal and check to see that your article was published within the covered dates.

Found an article that looks promising? Use this organizer for help summarizing and understanding the source. 

Bunn Library Databases:

Academic Search Engines: