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Poverty: Final Project

Resources curated for Ms. Schulte's Poverty course, winter 2024. Please contact Ms. Sinai if you have questions about the resources within this guide.

Getting Started


Assignment Links: Final Project Guidelines

Quick Links:

  • Bunn Library Online Resources Display of all online resources available through the library. 

  • Bunn Library Online Resource: Newspapers A direct link to resources in the library's collections that have newspapers (both present day and historical)

  • Bunn Library's Newspaper Libguide: An overview of newspapers and periodicals provided at Bunn Library, with additional links to recommended online sources. 

  • Noodletools Bunn Library's recommended citation management tool. Create citations and bibliographies is multiple citation styles, collaborate with teachers and classmates, and use the interactive notecards feature to organize your evidence. 

To access databases and other library services from home, you will be prompted to sign-in through Lawrenceville's EZproxy. When you click link for a Bunn database or service, the log-in screen (pictured below) will appear.
  • Username: first part of your email address (before the Example: asinai
  • Password: your email password
Having trouble with access? Email and include a description or screenshot of your issue. 

Tips for Researching Current Events

Researching current/recent events: When an event or something noteworthy happens, the information about that occurrence goes through a progression of stages. As facts are revealed and discussed, the story about that event becomes richer and often more clear. Information usually starts out on informal channels or through mass media. As time progresses, popular sources of information cover the event. Months and years later, scholarly sources of information may address the event as well.

Look at the timeline of information graphic below. When considering your topic, where in this cycle does it exist? Where might you go to gather information? 


Need help evaluating a source? Refer to the SIFT method outlined below. Think link a fact-checker, and read outside the source (look at wikipedia, other websites) to track the reporting on a particular topic.