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Forces: Decolonization Project Spring '24

Research guide curated for the Forces that Shaped the Modern World Late 20th-Century Decolonization Project, Spring Term 2024

Getting Started

Assignment Guidelines: Decolonization Project | Research Organizer

To begin, start by looking at your topic from a wide lens. As you gather research, narrow down your focus based on the amount of evidence that you find. Make a list of keywords as you read that you can use to find additional information. 

Keyword recommendations to start:
  • “Your country” and independence 
  • “Your country” and revolution
  • "Your country" and civil war
  • Decolonization
  • Postcolonialism

To access databases and other library services from home, you will be prompted to sign-in through Lawrenceville's EZproxy. 
When you click link for a Bunn database or service, the log-in screen (pictured below) will appear.

  • Username: first part of your email address (before the Example: asinai
  • Password: your email password

Having trouble with access? Email and include a description or screenshot of your issue. 

Understand your topic more clearly by starting with background reading. Once you have a solid foundation, you can dive into the details. When considering your topic, what are the most important facts, people, places, events, themes? If you don't have an answer, you need to read more. As you explore, take notes; what jumps out at you that you want to know more about? 
Use your research organizer to fill in the background details about your country. 

Background Reading: Recommended Collections & Articles

Online Reference Collections through Bunn Library:
Encyclopedia Britannica Online: Includes the complete encyclopedia, as well as a Merriam-Webster dictionary and thesaurus. The Internet Guide provides links to recommended web sites.
Facts on File: World Geography and Culture Online From the Facts on File menu, select the World Geography and Culture Online collection. Explore the history of your country, as well as pertinent demographic and geographic data. 
Facts on File - Modern World History Modern World History offers a comprehensive look at world history from the mid-15th century to the present. Includes both reference/background and primary sources. 
Gale eBooks: search for broad keywords, like your country and revolution, and narrow your focus as you understand more about your topic. Use quotation marks “” around multiple words to search for key phrases.
Statista this statistical database will provide valuable information on the current and historical demographics of your country. To view country-specific information, go to → Reports → Country and Region Reports
Encyclopedias to Explore (print titles available on the main floor in the reference room, for ebooks follow the link)
Suggested Articles and Topic Overviews:
Decolonization (general overview) from Facts on File: Modern World History
Decolonization, East Asia and Pacific from Gale eBooks
Decolonization, Sub-Saharan Africa from Gale eBooks
Independence and Decolonization, Middle East from Gale eBooks
Decolonization of Asia and Africa, 1945-1960 from US Office of the Historian 
Decolonization and Non Aligned Movement (overview) from Facts on File: Modern World History
Bandung Conference (Asian-African Conference) 1955 from US Office of the Historian
Bandung Conference (overview, with mention of key figures) from Facts on File: Modern World History
UN Explainer (Video): United Nations and Decolonization: Past to Present