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Themes: Gilded Age

Resources curated for the Themes Winter '24 research project.

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Where do I begin? 
Think big! Start by looking at your topic from a wide lens. Not sure what to choose? Try working through this handout to identify what you are interested in researching. As you begin to gather research, you can start to narrow down your focus based on the amount of evidence that you find. Make a list of keywords as you read! Check out this research organizer for more help organizing your focus. 

Research Project Guidelines and Handouts: 

The biggest problem a researcher could have is an absent question. Starting with a research question instead of just a topic will make it much easier to come up with a thesis – it will simply be the answer to your question.

Is this a good research question?

1. Does my question allow for many possible answers? Is it flexible and open-ended?

2. Is it testable? Do I know what kind of evidence would allow an answer? 

3. Can I break big “why” questions into empirically resolvable pieces? 

4. Is the question clear and precise? Do I use vocabulary that is vague or needs definition?

5. Have I made the premises explicit? 

6. Is it of a scale suitable to the length of the assignment? 

7. Can I explain why the answer matters?

For more guidance, refer to your guide to good research questions.