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Cultural Studies: Medieval China

Resources curated for Cultural Studies winter research project on Medieval China. For help, please contact Ms. Sinai

Researching Medieval China: Research and Citation Resources

Statues of the Ming Tombs, China.
Library of Congress. Prints and Photographs Division. Accessed January 18, 2024.

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Reference (Background) Sources

Understanding the Basics: Background Reading

Online Collections from Bunn Library:

Suggested articles to start your research:

Recommended Encyclopedias and Background Sources: 

Secondary Source Collections

Interpretation and Analysis: Secondary Sources

Recommended Databases from Bunn Library:
To explore additional resources, visit our Online Resources A to Z.

Books from the Library Catalog:

To find a book, search the Bunn Library CatalogUse the General Keyword search to broaden your results. For a narrower focus, search the catalog by Subject Keyword using the drop-down menu. Books in the library are arranged according to their subject matter. Look for books that start with the call number 951 for many titles related to China and Chinese history. 


To find books in the stacks, look at the call number:

  • 000-699: Lower Level

  • 800-899: Main Floor, next to Fiction

  • 700-799, 900-999: Second Floor

Have a useful book in hand?

  • Look at the Index for additional keywords and locate where they are discussed in your book. 

  • Check the Bibliography for additional sources that are connected to your topic.

Suggested Books to Explore: 
The following titles are just a starting point for your research. Look for books that start with the call number 951 for many titles related to China and Chinese history. 

Primary Sources

Integrating Historical Evidence: Primary Sources

Primary Source Collections from Bunn Library:

Primary Source Collections in Print at the Library:

Primary Source Resources from the Web: